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It's a battle of the beauties! Candice Swanepoel and Beyonce both rocked very similar white lace gowns, but chose to style them differently. Let's break down each look and then determine who should take home the crown for the fashionista who wore it better.


The Queen Bey chose to keep her hair down in natural waves. She kept her makeup neutral except for red lipstick, which added a pop of color to the look. She chose minimal or no accessories, because let's be honest, this dress is busy enough on its own.

Candice Swanepoel

The Victoria's Secret model pulled her hair back into a chic bun. She kept her makeup very simple and neutral. She paired her dress with simple diamond earrings and nude pumps.


I'm going to go with Queen Bey on this one. I like that she kept her hair a little messy to counterbalance the very formal gown. I also like that she chose to add a pop of color with the red lipstick. No doubt that both dresses are incredibly revealing, but I like that Beyonce's dress has a high-neck to off-set the sheer lace.
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@chandnip804 It was so hard for me to decide too!
JordanNash, it's hard to pick one so that's why I chose both! :)
Beyonce I like hers better
Yall are not deadass right ? It's obviously Bey