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Based out of Queens, New York, Parquet Courts are gaining steam, and for good reason.
I've written about Australian singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett before, and I really like her; in some ways, these guys remind me of her. Parquet Courts have a similar kind of dead-pan singing style - often, not really singing so much as talking alongside music. I really like it. I'm just discovering these guys, and hopefully I'll find more to like. For now, here's a terrific song, "Instant Disassembly," and their set for KEXP in Seattle.
Let me know what you think! @paulisaverage might like this.
@jeff4122 YES, COOKING DINNER, EXACTLY. I don't know what happened to me before, I couldn't remember what it was called.
Yeah. Yeah. Like when you're cooking dinner. That kind of thing.
"might" like this? This is great! Thanks for bringing to my attention, I know what I'm going to listen to late at night while I uh, well, you know. Do normal things that aren't weird or illegal or strange. You get what I'm saying.
@paulisaverage, it happens to the best of us