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As I mentioned in a previous card, Carrie Bradshaw asks a hell of a lot of questions on Sex and the City. She asks so many that I decided to continue answering some of them, with a more modern (and probably cynical) outlook.
Hell no, high school was terrible. I'm not sure if I got any part of high school right and certainly not if it was a "matter of the heart". Please no one revert to their immature high school ways when it comes to relationships.
Classic Carrie, taking things to two extremes. I'm not personally a believer in soul mates (that's the cynic in me), but would I ever refer to them as a torture device? Certainly not. I think these days, people have more realistic views that there might be more than one person out there for everyone, but for big romantics who want to believe in soul mates, I say go for it.
Okay, this one is valid and something that I often wonder about as well. As cynical as I can be, I think monogamy, with the right person can still exist. As far her question goes, I think it's totally appropriate to expect monogamy, if that's what you want. In my opinion, making your expectations clear is key, and if your partner agrees, go for it. If not, well then maybe they're not your "soulmate".
....I think no? Everyone's probably a freak to someone else, regardless of their gender. I don't think it's fair for Carrie to blame her bad luck with dudes on the fact that they're all freaks. She probably just hasn't found the right freak for her yet.
Good god, yes. Sometimes I think Carrie needs to stop asking so many damn questions and just go out and learn something, but that's the nature of the show. Plenty of her questions are valid and important, but sometimes I just want to shake her so she stops over thinking and questioning every situation.
@laurafisher loved this card! I actually remember the episodes some of these quotes were used in. In regards to Carrie's bad luck with guys, idk about that. I felt like Carrie got in her own way ALOT on that show. Remember the guy with the dog who proposed to her, bought the co-op for her? She blew that one, lol...
@christianmordi @TessStevens I know you liked my first card about this, hope you enjoy part 2!