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I LOVE sports bras. If I could wear them all day, everyday, I totally would. It's time to branch out from the classic razor-back cotton sports bra. Just because you are working out (or lounging around and watching Netflix) should not mean that you can't have fun with your sports bras! Here are some ways to spice up your sports bra game so that you can enjoy putting them on and feel fashionable while working out (or while watching Netflix).

Not-so-normal straps

This is one of the easiest ways to put a little extra flair in your workout fashion. Look for sports bras that have multiple straps or straps that criss-cross or overlap. The crazier the strap formation, the better (within reason, of course).

Fun prints

Add some extra fun to your workout with printed sports bras. You don't need to just wear solid colors — go big and bold or go home! Look for sports bras with really unique prints, like one with a skyline print.


Showing a little bit of extra skin with your sports bra is another way to up your sports bra game. Make sure to find sports bras with cut-outs that don't reduce the efficiency of the support.


Mesh is amazing for sports bras because it's comfortable, breathable and unique. Look for sports bras that have mesh in the places where you sweat the most, like on your back or around your arms.

With these fashionable and functional sports bras, you'll be ready for whatever the gym brings your way!

Oooo la laaaaa! That gray number at the top is sizzling with its fancy cut!
@Jaydia for real! I need to go sports bra shopping after writing this card :)