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Ju Ji-hoon is a stylish chaebol in SBS' Popular Bi-Weekly Drama, 'Mask'.

Crush-worthy character Choi Min-woo, played by Ju Ji-hoon, has definitely made waiting for the next batch of episodes worth it. In the series thus far, Min-woo, the once stern and serious chaebol, has finally begun 'switching charms' - softening up and revealing a much cuter side too!

Ji-hoon's style vibe in this drama is somewhat reminiscent of Lee Joon-gi's in MBS' "Scholar Who Walks At Night" or Lee Soo-hyuk's trademark 'chic-meets-mysterious' look. ESPECIALLY in that red suit he wears during the title, seen above. (I mean, swoon!)

Chic Look #1: The Business Button-Up

Here he is in a simple, but crisp white button-up. I love how fashionable he looks in monochrome.

Chic Look #2: The Tailored Suit

Here are two (of the many!) smart and tailored suits Min-woo wears in the drama. I'm digging the bold patter in the second one.
And now for the cute looks!

Cute Look #1: The Casual Button-Up

I'm loving how much younger and boyish he looks in this outfit. Even his facial expressions are adorable!

Cute Look #2: The Polo Shirt

He really knows how to make something as casual as a collar tee look good! It seems like no matter what he's got on in this show, he's always wearing it well.

(Some of the cuteness in action, courtesy of this gif.)

Soooo... Chic Ji-hoon vs Cute Ji-hoon: Which charm is the best charm? I CAN'T DECIDE!!!

@danidee YAY! Oh Welllll I did just make my 10 actor bias card but my top two are Kim Woobin and Choi Jin Hyuk ^^
I'm saying cute but it could I just enjoy those scenes more because he is to adorable lol
@danidee They can't help it when love gets them lol What I love is the male leads with their secretary trying to set up cute thing while the secretary awws and laughs at the 360 change
@VixenViVi You made a card?! Link me link me, I want to seeeee!!
@VixenViVi I'M SO GLAD I HAVE SOMEONE TO TALK ABOUT DRAMAS WITH!! :) Who are your favorite leads?!?
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