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Sometimes I just wanna have a little French dance party in my head. Is that weird?
When I'm looking for something upbeat, uptempo, and just the right amount of quirky, I turn to Yelle. These 3 songs will have your legs moving, whether your bouncin' in the discothèque or tryna get some work done.

Que Veux-Tu – Yelle

Happy, fresh, upbeat – you can tell this one's about young love. The sweet synthy sounds remind me of those wild teenage nights when you felt like this, this was what it meant to be young, beautiful, and alive.

Cooler Couleur – Crookers ft. Yelle

These deeply textured, almost crunchy beats and sassy bilingual lyrics match perfectly with the song's subject – a discothèque tryst. It's dark enough to impress your more discerning friends, but melodic enough to enjoy outside of the dance hall (though I can't guarantee the driving beat won't get your legs a-moving).

Complètement Fou – Yelle

This one's the icing on the croissant. Its clubby atmosphere never gets too heavy, but stays light and listenable. And to be completely real, I'm listening to it as I write this – and I'm having a hard time staying in my seat! You just want to give in to its catchy beat and let this song transport you to the dance floor.
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Yessssssssssss, I love Yelle. I've seen her live twice, and she was so energetic and adorable both times. Have you ever seen the video for 'Parle a ma main' with Fatal Bazooka? I used to be dorkily obsessed with that song..