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This was the grand finale gown for Elie Saab's recent 2015 Haute Couture fashion show!
The hand beaded dazzler is a sheer black masterpiece. the pencil thin belt keeps the skirt locked in. I love the simple neckline and the tightness of the sleeves. Of course, pockets!
Homage to the extreme hip bustles of the 16th Century, this black duchess satin gown features a severe front facing V to the belt line and a dramatic hand painted floral design echoing shades of coral, mint and cream.
I featured just a narrow snapshot of this deep green-blue gown, which you can see here. I am in love with this piece in particular because of the textural design of the hand beaded sequins and embellishments. I love the sheerness. I love the nude sheath lining. I love the belt and the pockets. I love the way the skirt flounces and drapes over the open toe stiletto. Gorgeous!
Elie Saab nixes his signature skirt structure for this peach silk georgette freeform dress. The bodice is hand stitched and beaded in gold with continuous fabric to move according to your movement and gravity.
Elie Saab and pants?!?!?!?! Yes! As you can see here, you can wear pants, look stunning, and avoid the ubiquitous rayon pant suit! Disgusting! Forget the boleros. If you're worried about your shoulders and arms, stick with a dramatic sheath coat as seen here.