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poor the doc, chasing after him...
@GorgeousFlower hahaha park shi hoo good looking but still not my type ...my style song joong ki...lee joon , ki kwang ,, JB ,Hoya ,Kim Hyun joong :)) even though he put make up but not alot
@Reyam- ok then but still I think Park Sihoo really handsome cuz he is my type lol also he is a really hard working man to try his job best and this how I like him than his face ^^.P.S.The doc done make up on his eyes let have a look closer. Happy new year to you all.
@nylamrehs-I meant the clip of behind the scene that you were talking about it. But thanks to did some research for me though ^^.
@nylamrehs yep its really good and kind of luck to have such a sincere friend
@reyam, i find the doc adorable and his friendship with park shi woo in this drama is simply amazing... it's as if if he knows cha seung jo more than himself...
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