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Many kpop fans turn to Korean idols as their inspiration to lose weight, and they try to follow the strict diet as their idols do, but that's not always the most efficient way.
The most important thing to know is that you cannot gain muscle while losing weight. While losing weight your body is at negative caloric intake, which means as long as you keep doing muscle building you will keep the muscles you have and just lose the fat around it.
You MUST have a positive caloric intake while building muscle. Ha Ji-Won said "I can really see the difference by doing more weights. Cardio exercises are very important but it’s very hard to tone up the body and muscles. I don’t have to eat chicken breasts all the time and I can have muscles thanks to doing weights. It makes me feel young too!”
Being hungry actually slows the metabolism so you don't burn as much weight. Eating small meals including a healthful protein (chicken, eggs, tofu, fish, ect) throughout the day will help you boost your metabolism, but don't eat if you're not hungry.
1. Can't build muscle if you are in a negative caloric intake and losing weight
2. MUST be in a positive caloric intake to gain muscle
3. Eat small meals that includes a healthful protein (keeps your muscle mass) throughout the day
4. NEVER go to sleep hungry
5. Drink a lot of water
6. Follow the 80:20 rule; 80% clean diet and 20% what you want to eat
7. Be patient- you wont see results right away, but after a while you will feel healthier and see the results
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This explains it so much better than actual trainers.