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This is another treat for all you VIPs and GD lovers. As we know there is no such thing as too much GD!! Enjoy!
This has all the faces of GD. Some faces are cute, serious, but most of all delicious. If you love GD your heart will stop and beat again after seeing this. Make it Rain GD
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how to cause my death the fuckiNG CARD OH MY GOD I LOVE HIM SO MUCH
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Lol @kkkc. ikr? I swear I did too. GD killed me and brought me back to life. U are welcome @krazylilmeow. I'm working on making one for T.O.P. I'm so glad u all enjoyed them!
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That eyebrow swipe! So fucking hot!
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Aish! my heart! it's in peace now and he must come put it all together. why does he have to be such perfection? aigo, chincha!
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If you enjoy my cards please follow me!
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