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hello guys Recently, I uploaded a card asking "If a korean did a kpop reaction, would you watch?" and i have been encouraged to seriously consider it. So, here's the question of the day: What makes a "good" reaction video? I've watched few popular channels and.. well, they were very.. "intimidating" Huge reactions/exploding feels seemed to the key point, but I tend to have low range of emotion. I'm usually calm unless its about Bigbang.. I feel like I need a different appeal than other channels so any ideas? Was there anything you wanted your youtuber to include in his or her reaction videos? if so, feel free to tell me! Tips and advices are welcomed
Lol when your reaction video is just a dazed look.
@shjej5835 lol but it will end up happening.
@TracyWong hahaha well we cant do that
I personally hate the over the top faked reactions, and I also hate the pretending to see it for the first time but obviously know everything thats going to happen next. I personally like to see the viewers perspective on the video. Maybe you see something I don't see (or get some kinda feels from it different then mine). Just be honest without being over the top. I will turn it off right away if I feel the emotions are absurd.