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This guy is the lord of fanservice. People always tend to overlook him for being the "extra " member since his role isn't as clear as other BB members, or put him down as cocky and stuck up. Recently he's been gaining more ground and would be able to survive as a solo artist now, yet he never forgets his fans or lets his fame make him arrogant. He's actually quite humble and willing to do a lot to communicate with his fans (I.e. learn new languages like Spanish ). Ladies and gentleman, I present to you our lord and savior, Seungri! P.S. I'm new to the community so hello, all!
@Miaowmee 馃槆 I still haven't been awaken to reality... I'll be gone for a while... Peace!鉁宭ol
I didn't even realize there was music playing until it ended... I thought it was all in my head 馃槷 lol
He's always been my favorite in Big Bang, and it's nice to see that he really cares about the fans. He deserves more main roles. :)
@TminusEleven mine as well :D
@fourstargeneral mwahaha that is the power of his blessing are you converted yet? :>