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Annyeong~ I'm here to tell you how kpop changed my life. I used to be completely insecure but when I discovered kpop about 4-5 years ago, that changed. Back in my school years, I was always picked on. When I got into kpop, I realised that I wasn't all too bad. I wasn't alone. I started being more confident and happy that it was okay to be "weird". There are so many sweet people in the fandoms and its just a great experience in all. I even got my sister into kpop, who was into nothing but American rap. Now we bond even more with kpop. I'm currently trying to win those Big Bang tickets for NJ because we've always dreamt about going. So just influence those around you that its okay to be ourselves and that they are never alone. As Jre says from JREKML: "Listen to kpop, it feels good."
thank you so much x
awwwhhhhh ❤️ i hope you get them
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