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As we all know Jaejoong from JYJ enlisted into army, and currently is an Active Duty Soldier into the 1st Division located at Paju in Gyunggi-province. We are all hoping Jaejoong returns safely to bring delight to his fans once again! :)
On July 21 Yunho will enlist in the army, since he is currently working on the drama
"I Order You", and we all secretly hope that Yunho is placed in the same unit as Jaejoong to have that secret love blossom once again ;)
On July 7 SM confirmed that Changmin applied and was accepted into the army and that he will enlist before the end of this year. Changmin decided they were better as a double act than a single act. We cant wait till TVXQ's comeback in 2 years! :)
Following in Jaejoong's footsteps, Yoochun will begin his mandatory military service on August 11. Make sure to watch him in his newest drama "The Girl Who Sees Smells"
With all the member, except for Junsu, enlisting in the army this year, they have the slightest chance of reuniting with one another and reconnecting with old bonds! I think we all miss them being together.
Its very sad when idols or anyone has to enlist into the army. Keep them in your heart!
Return safely brighten all your fans!
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T-T sniff sniff I miss dbsk already *starts rewatching all of their mvs*