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Not Again! Which Color Matches the Shoe?!
I thought we had escaped after #thedress fiasco but NOOO!!! Now #theshoe is happening and I honestly can't make up my mind!!

So, which nail polish matches the shoe??

This wasn't even put up out of malice or to make everyone who hated the blue/black white/gold fiasco angry. Nope. Someone just genuinely wanted to know what color she should paint her nails to match her shoes!!! Who knew it would lead to this?
At least the nail one doesn't make my brain hurt as much as this one did when I suddenly saw the opposite colors...
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I don't think either matches..maybe if you mixed them it would be good but the left one is to purple and the right one is to pink. then again I'd rather see it painted on a nail or paper to know because it usually dries different
Damn..its back?! I heard that the colors of the nail polish matches the shoes depending on the brightness of the screen xD
I say put a dot of each color each shoe and allow to dry. Quickest and easiest way to find out
I believe its the lighting of the photo! possible more photos from dif. angles would show the color better