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“Ace. You’ll be fine, right? Ace… We have to hurry and treat your wounds…” “I’m sorry, Luffy.” “Someone help him!! Ace… Please, save Ace.” “It’s no use. He fried my insides.” […] “That can’t be… Didn’t you promised me? You… You said you’d never die. What do you mean you won’t last? You promised me! You said you’d never die… Didn’t you? Ace! I keep telling you… Don’t die!” “I only have one regret. That I couldn’t see you fulfill your dream. But… I’m sure… You can make it! You’re my little brother. Just like we promised on that day… The way I lived my life… I have… No regrets about it.” “That’s not true! Don’t lie to me!” “I’m not lying. Was it… Good that I was born? What I wanted was just the answer to that question. Thank you… For loving me!”
@beforetherain I wasn't prepared for it at all. I kept hoping that Ace would come back.
me too T^T
Really, I sobbed like a little kid when this happened. :(