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This has to be my all time favorite variety show...they are all so hilarious and work great together one of my favorite episodes is when they bring BigBang on and they play the bell hide and go seek game that is just so funny(:
@LindaAshlee and I just find it funny that we're having a full conversation in the comment section haha
@LindaAshlee OMO Yes!! I saw that one, I was dying when he took all tiger's clothes off, he's so mischievous >< oh and then they put his underwear on the microphone thing, I thought that was too funny ^^
@LindaAshlee IDK either!! Everyone is so crazy and funny, hmmmm I think Giraffe because he's such a dork and hilarious \(^-^)/
@LindaAshlee IKR!! That's why Korean shows are DAEBAK!! Who do you like most on Running Man??
OMG this my favorite show, it's so funny, I just watched the SNSD one like an hour ago and I was laughing my butt off!!!!
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