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My favorite of all the versions was "It Started With A Kiss". In my opinion this was a great kiss because the kiss was actually a kiss. I'm actually watching this version right now and it's great maybe my favorite from all the versions but not quite sure yet, because I still really liked the Japanese version a lot.
Next was "Playful Kiss" which was my first kdrama and I loved this. I mean there was a hot guy in it who wouldn't love this. Kim Hyun Joong This kiss I would say is the second best from all of the versions. It reminded me of the anime because they are in an ally leaned against a wall. It was just like the anime I loved that about this kiss.
Lastly is "Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo" and this kiss was completely different from the other ones which isn't a bad thing because they probably wanted to switch it up a bit. Sad to say this was my least favorite from all the kisses because he kind of misses her mouth. It's okay though because I still really enjoyed this drama a lot. Let me know what version had the best first kiss on your opinion. I'm curious. @StephanieDuong @poojas
The It Started with a kiss one is first! Then Mischievous Kiss.
@biancadanica98 I should try them when I get the chance to!! I've watched one Japanese drama and plenty of movies. haha.
Unfortunately I haven't watched any other versions except for the Korean one! I should watch the other ones.... but I can't seem to stray away from K-dramas! (>_<)
Good, I think you might enjoy them
You should try to watch them. To be honest both of the other versions are my first Taiwanese and Japanese dramas and I am loving both of them so far. @StephanieDuong