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I need more songs in the Kpop genre to listen to! Comment some songs please!
On Rainy Days is a pretty well known ballad by BEAST and it always goes back up on the ranking charts when it is raining in Korea. it's been five years since it came out yet it's still going strong!! Will You Be Alright came out as a digital solo and is also a ballad about whether their loved one will be alright after they part ways. in both of these songs their amazing vocals stand out and if you want more recs message me!! I'd be happy to talk!!
Please check out BEAST!!! I'm not sure how much kpop you listen to and what genres or groups/solo artists to u already like but I am 100% sure that I can recommend some lesser known BEAST songs!!
What kind of stuff do you already listen to? In general, BigBang has good songs like: haru haru, tonight, fantastic baby, bang bang bang. Also check out exo, shinee, block b, and bts, and watch whatever video pops up. I'm sure youll find something new that you like
It depends on your taste in music. I personally prefer Big Bang, BTS, EXO, B.A.P., Nu'est, Beast, Vixx, Teen Top, also Winner, BtoB, 2ne1, f(x), B1A4... and others.
btob-its okay bts-dope,just one day,I need you, loves not over,boys with fun exo-love me right exid-wuthout you,every night 4minute-crazy,hit issue,whatcha doing today,cut it out shinee-view,love sick miss a-only you monsta x-honestly,blue moon, tresspass
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