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a new drama of soo ae and kwon sang woo. Yawang is a story about an ambitious woman and her ambition’s roadkill, the love of her life. Su Ae stars as the heroine who overcomes extreme poverty and dreams of being the nation’s first lady (why not president beats me), and Kwon Sang-woo plays the man who loves her unconditionally ever since their childhood together in an orphanage. Yawang follows King of Dramas and premieres January 14 on SBS. Su Ae: The person I loved more than the days that we met / Missed more than the days I had loved. Kwon Sang-woo: With eyes wide open, awake all night / I thought I could die with that person and be happy. Both: The one who simultaneously foretold the world’s joy and its end / I loved that one person.
for sure... ^^
I bet you're going to post a lot of stuff on it when it airs. ;)
me too me too... lol super excited...^^
It's so true. How do they do it? I've read in interviews where American actors have said they were told to think very tragic thoughts. I am excited, though about this. I really like Kwon Sang-Woo.
you got that right... i can't believe how easy for them to cry just like that..
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