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look at Dae's smile :( i wish i could be as free and as happy as them. sigh. okay its been three weeks since school ended, and I have been doing absoultely nothing productive. help. how do you find internships and build your resume... i started college app, but I'm already sick if it.. Why can't fangirling be a job. I'd be rich by now.
Volunteering is also a really good way to build your resume. It shows that you really do contribute to your community and it racks up community service hours if you need them for school! Maybe you'll also find a hidden passion while doing some volunteering too!
@ktiffany97 FIGTING we got this! if life isn't gonna make it was for us we will come at it full force!
@shjej5835 I can see your point. Try and find something similar to what you like to do because if you find a job you like you will be less irresponsible with it. If you like Kpop maybe you can try a record store or a Korean restaurant.
@ktiffany97 oh no!!! youll do fine!!! have fun!!! not like I can speak from experience but FIGHTING you can do this unnie!!
@tayunnie That's true! I actually volunteered A LOT during my junior and senior year of high school because of all the clubs I was involved in!! :)
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