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look at Dae's smile :( i wish i could be as free and as happy as them. sigh. okay its been three weeks since school ended, and I have been doing absoultely nothing productive. help. how do you find internships and build your resume... i started college app, but I'm already sick if it.. Why can't fangirling be a job. I'd be rich by now.
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@shjej5835 I can see your point. Try and find something similar to what you like to do because if you find a job you like you will be less irresponsible with it. If you like Kpop maybe you can try a record store or a Korean restaurant.
I feel you
so would I, there should be a job where you're paid to watch Kpop videos
I am so in love with these BigBang stuff... Ahhhhhh why are they so cute.
Just keep smiling