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Hmmm I don't really have a favorite album cause all are great but my first favorite song by them was Monster. Rn We Like 2 Party is my fav :3
Honestly it's a tie between bang bang bang and bad boy
I like pretty much all their albums as well. If I had to choose a favorite song it would be My Heaven. Music video wise it would be a tie between Fantasia Baby and Monster
I love most of their songs, but my most favorite songs and mv are: lies, haru haru, bad boy, fantastic baby, monster, and all their lastest songs bae bae, loser, bang bang bang, we like 2 party, sober, and if you (im waiting for the mv) ^^
I dont really have a fav album b/c they all good. One of my fav song was Blue. And right now its we like 2 party and loser
um fav album I have to say Always,remember,and Alive. MADE is slowly making its way up the list
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