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The NARUTO series that ended last year is made into an illustration book! Over 70 different illustrations and the author’s comments, along with a giant poster! NARUTO fans and even people who haven’t read the series yet can enjoy it!
One of the Big Three, NARUTO, has released an illustration book filled with over 70 memorable scenes from the series. The book contains images of scenes that the author put a lot of work into, and you can see the NARUTO world from a different perspective. A must have product for NARUTO fans. Collecting them with your figures is a must!Also, there are 10 author’s picks that have comments on them in Japanese by the author.
As an added bonus, there is a huge poster that comes with the book.A recreation of The Amazing Spiderman 2’s producer Avi Arad and the author of Naruto’s conversation is also a part of the book.
Don’t miss this opportunity!
@zwdodds I think it was called Naruto Gaiden. Though they're also apparently coming out with a Boruto spinoff
I have this illustration collection ^_^ I got it at this years ANIME EXPO :)
ty to the gods old and new. Naruto isn't over yet
@bellareyna I really thought the spinoff series was cute, with little Sarada going to really touch base with her pops. It's cool to see how they all evolved as people
this is pretty awesome. gonna have to scoop myself one.
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