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Planning a Creative Writing Retreat
I will be honest when I say I have never been on a writing retreat. The idea has always interested me, though. When I read about some of my favorite writers from the past, I noticed the way that they often went on trips with other writing friends, or spent time on their own retreating to another place in the world and just writing.
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Meet the Writing Retreat.

I've been thinking about organizing a retreat with some writing friends in fall of this year, but none of us are quite sure how to carry it out. And I found this video showcasing a retreat!
As you can see, they had a lot of fun there, but they say they also got a lot of writing done. I believe that while it is probably easy to get distracted, when you are surrounded by other writers, there is more writing, more discussion, more revision that will get done!
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While that looked like great fun, I needed to get some more ideas about specific ideas for how to actually set up a retreat...and this video has done it for me! Now, this was for a singular writer, so I'm going to work on including some more co-working writing activities, but it is nice to hear about just how it really helps someone writer.

Has anyone organized or participated in a writing retreat?

If so, let me know some ideas. I definitely need help with the planning.
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