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Product OverviewYou can get Portgas D. Ac’s figure for free!The very popular character from the series! Reenact the scenes from the manga and anime! It can be enjoyed both as a collectable or an action figure!
One Piece is one of the most popular series in Japan. It is considered one of the Big Three, alongside Naruto and Bleach, both names you may have heard of. The beauty of One Piece lies in the will to live from the characters and the artistic style of the author.(Spoiler Alert for those who have not read the One Piece Series)Portgas D. Ace, for those of you that do not know, is the protagonist’s older brother, Monkey D. Luffy. After a huge war, he lost his life, and is known to be one of the most important character in the series. Despite his death, which occurred years ago in the series, he is still one of the most loved characters.
The figure stands at 18 centimeters (7 inches), and you can change his hat, expression, and even add Fire Fist effects, one of his most notable moves in the series, to the figure. The action figure can be put into many different position, and by changing how he stands and how he looks, it can recreate the memorable scenes from the One Piece series. It can also be place in a case or bookshelf for you One Piece fans out there!One Piece fans, here’s your chance! This figure is made in Japan, so it focuses a lot on its details! Get it now!
It is free get chance!