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I sort of love this man. After lurking his tumblr for the better part of an hour, I came across this post about writing and being good at writing and I just couldn't stop chuckling!
I have been trying to write for a while now. I have all these amazing ideas, but its really hard getting my thoughts onto paper. Thus, my ideas never really come to fruition. Do you have any advice?

The Answer:

Write the ideas down. If they are going to be stories, try and tell the stories you would like to read. Finish the things you start to write. Do it a lot and you will be a writer. The only way to do it is to do it. I’m just kidding. There are much easier ways of doing it. For example: On the top of a distant mountain there grows a tree with silver leaves. Once every year, at dawn on April 30th, this tree blossoms, with five flowers, and over the next hour each blossom becomes a berry, first a green berry, then black, then golden. At the moment the five berries become golden, five white crows, who have been waiting on the mountain, and which you will have mistaken for snow, will swoop down on the tree, greedily stripping it of all its berries, and will fly off, laughing. You must catch, with your bare hands, the smallest of the crows, and you must force it to give up the berry (the crows do not swallow the berries. They carry them far across the ocean, to an enchanter’s garden, to drop, one by one, into the mouth of his daughter, who will wake from her enchanted sleep only when a thousand such berries have been fed to her). When you have obtained the golden berry, you must place it under your tongue, and return directly to your home. For the next week, you must speak to no-one, not even your loved ones or a highway patrol officer stopping you for speeding. Say nothing. Do not sleep. Let the berry sit beneath your tongue. At midnight on the seventh day you must go to the highest place in your town (it is common to climb on roofs for this step) and, with the berry safely beneath your tongue, recite the whole of Fox in Socks. Do not let the berry slip from your tongue. Do not miss out any of the poem, or skip any of the bits of the Muddle Puddle Tweetle Poodle Beetle Noodle Bottle Paddle Battle. Then, and only then, can you swallow the berry. You must return home as quickly as you can, for you have only half an hour at most before you fall into a deep sleep. When you wake in the morning, you will be able to get your thoughts and ideas down onto the paper, and you will be a writer.
Now, to wait for April 30th to roll around...obviously, the much easier method of actually writing is to follow this wonderful piece of advice!
I really love Neil Gaiman, so much so that I've tried to emulate him in my own writing. when I first saw that response of his, it stuck with me. that's why I wrote my post about "how to be a writer" the way I did. I wish I could write the way he does. He has a real knack for character.
@hikaymm yeah! I really like his style and I appreciate how transparent he is about his process. I feel like some writers try to make it seem like what they're doing is this impossible feat, when really most of it is hard work and dedication. Which sure, isn't for everyone, but it's not unattainable.
@shannonl5 Seriously!! It's great to just go on his tumblr and read what he has to share. He gives honest advice really well and is also upfront about the fact that what he is saying just works for him, an d might not for you. He also gets sassy when people ask him the same stuff all the time which I love hahaha.
I love how humble he is. He's a fantastic writer with really beautiful ideas, but he's not a jerk about it. REally good advice :D