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"The Reason Shinee is able to shine so brightly is because we have you all " to all his fans Choi Minho Shinee
"you are my flower , not because you are prettier then other flowers you are my flower not because you are more fragrant then other flowers, you are my flower because you have blossomed in my heart" Choi Minho Shinee
"Judging a person doesn't define who they it defines who you are"Choi Minho Shinee
"I am idealistic so my life outlook is to never give up even if something seems impossible i will run as hard as I can go" Choi Minho Shinee
"Fight something as if it is your last fight as if there would be no chance to do it later" Choi Minho Shinee
"If you don't give up your hopes there will always be a good ending"Choi Minho Shinee
ARGHHH he is just killing me i just love him alll credit to its actual owners enjoy all :)
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Right in all my feels