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I married neither my bias nor a fanboy. My husband judges me hard on my love of kpop.
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@SavannaSiefkas Girl I live in Texas, it'd cost a near fortune for me to go. Take lots of pictures and videos for those of us who can't go.
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@Emealia Haha I lived in texas just a month ago>_> I just moved to Oklahoma so I know how ya feel. But yes I plan on taking like a trillion of pictures^^.
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I get the same from my Wife ㅋㅋㅋ
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My husband calls me a nerd. he tolerates its though. Luckily my soulmate (best friend) is an addict like me
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Haha! My hubby feeds into my kpop obsession. He loves it too, thank goodness! I probably would have driven him crazy by now if he didn't. XD
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