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So about a month ago, my boyfriend for about 1 year and 9 months decided to break it off. To me, his reason wasnt clear. His reason was that I started to act like my friends and it branched off to other reasons. We were doing great that morning and we were very loving when we saw each other before school started. I was a little distant during the day but never tried to push him away. Anyways the night before our breakup, he asked me to bring his stuff back which is a sign to me that it'll end. Breakup Day: So after school, we decided to talk about our situation and I couldnt help to just start crying while he talked. I didn't get to explain my side and the pain just accumulated, so I walked away (yes, I know it's a stupid move). A week after our breakup, I decided to ask him if we can have closure since we would see each other everyday during the vacation (in tennis practice). But it didnt work out. So its been a month and the pain is just unsettling. After looking through many articles about getting back with an ex is a good idea or not, I felt discouraged. I know we shouldn't chase after people but I think he's worth fighting for. So, what should I do?
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I say give it more time, but I also think that at some point you both do need to talk about it! Unfotunately, it might not be time yet because he seems to be less emotional about it all than you, and that means it'll be hard for it to be an easy converstaion. It will never be easy, but if you give it more time to understand how you're really feeling about it all then maybe you guys can talk about it.
I say give it more time
Honey, I think you should do what you wanna do.. and leave no regrets behind. Whatever decision you make, I hope it will work out the best for you :)