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BIGBANG recently made a comeback with another set of songs and while one of them received a music video, VIPs were disappointed that “IF YOU” did not.. until now! Koreaboo’s production group Malhada put together a stunning music video for the heart-wrenching song after realizing that YG Entertainment would not be releasing one for the song. The music video tells the story of two lovers and the heartache they go through using an immersive concept which shows the lyrics in the video on paper. The idea was inspired by another artist, Axwell /\ Ingrosso for their song “Sun Is Shining.” Check out the music video and leave your thought below!!
I saw this when my non-kpop friend was at my house and she was like, what the heck is this? lol but I kinda like it :) To me the song is better without a music video <3
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It's amazing how each voice is so distinguished. Love these guys way too much.
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@thatkdramalover they're amazing <3
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ikr @thatkdramalover makes ya wanna fall in love forever
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