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Today my best friend @AshleySilliado and I decided we wanted to make a list of our top 5 kdramas :D I hope you guys enjoy it <3
Let's start! We'll go from 5-1 :D
So drama number 5 on my list is The Heirs. This drama was really good from start to finish. Also, there were great actors in there that caught my eye.. such as Kim Woo bin, Kang Ha neul, Choi Jin Hyuk and, I cannot forget Lee Min Ho. There's also kpop artists that acted in this such as Kang Min Hyuk of CNBLUE, Park Hyung Sik of ZE:A and F(x)'s Krystal! This drama will keep you interested from start to finish!
Plus, here's a little bonus of Kim Woo bin ;D
Now on to drama number 4~ I picked Shut up! Flower Boy Band. I have to admit, this drama made me cry. D: (not gonna spoil anything for anyone who didn't watch it) When I was watching this I really reaaaaalllly didn't want it to end. This drama has a very good story line. It's about a high school band and their passion for music, their friendship and loves. If you haven't watched it check it out now!
Here is a little taste of their music :D
#3 drama xD Trot Lover's. THIS DRAMA IS MY LIFE. My goodness, this drama hit me in the feels~ There were times I thought the story line was a little cliche but this drama doesn't disappoint! I give this drama lots of love.
Be careful, you might fall for Ji Hyun Woo like I did. No regrats xD
Ouuuuhh, getting down to drama #2! Master's Sun! I was a little chicken at first to watch it because from the first couple minutes of this drama it was a little scary.. but, I managed through and this drama is a drama I watched multiple times~ Its funny and has some jump scenes (Well, for me it did..) and also a love plot.
P.S. So Ji Sub is soooo fine in this <3
YEEESS we're at drama #1 ~ Do you like G Dragons' little dance xD
*druuum roooooollll
Drama #1 is....The Lovers!! This drama recently ended and I have to say... this is the most funniest drama I've ever watched. It really plays with your emotions though. It's about 4 different couples living in the same apartment complex. There is not one part of this drama that gets boring. There are a lot of inappropriate jokes and scenes so if you're not into that I suggest you not watch it.
Did I forget to mention that these two cuties are in here too? Cross Gene's Takuya and actor Lee Jae Joon!
Thank you so much for going through this with me~ I hoped you enjoyed it! and maybe even found new dramas to watch c:
@jw852 i haven't watched High Society yet but my friend was telling me about it so its next on my listtt xD
@kookiebyu I will! But since im in a middle of watching The X Family(Taiwanese drama) SUFBB will be next in line haha. I really like Sung Joon but not that I know a lot about him tho. He is in this new drama High Society. Waiting for new eps. Do you watch High Society too?
@jw852 shut up flower boy band is like the best drama ever! i really suggest you watch it~
I love the Heirs although I wanted Kim woo bin to be the male lead. The other dramas I haven't watch before but I know the drama the master's sun, trot lovers and shut up flower boy band. I was planning to watch shut up flower boy band but never did :( I know Sung Joon is in it. Is the drama good?
@EdwinBermudez LOOOL xD yaaasss, the beginning was probably the scariest part xD
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