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#1 강대성!!!! I fell in love with Daesung after I read his interview about his accident. when he talked about helping his church and how going was the only thing keeping him sane. His story had inspired me to help out more in my church community and has made me think more about my decisions in life. Its brought me closer to God. Im greatful to have heard this angels voice <3 When i heard that he was playing in "whats up" i dropped everything i was doing and started it right away! so worth it! seeing him play as hades was a whole other side of him. the side that I believed was in pain and was ready to let his feelings out.
#2 정일우! I believe I first saw him in 49days. he was so funny and so cute! i had to watch more of him! so aegyo!!!!
#3 이현우!! To the beautiful you!! Second male syndrome hit me HARD!! I mean, just look at those eyes... must I say more????
#4 김현중! I first saw him in Boys Over Flowers and ended up catching the desease of second male syndrome.. dont look at me. i know you guys probably did too... I fell in love with him while watching Playful kiss! just seeing a total smart A** fall in love with a goofy, obsessed, not so smart girl, made my hear melt. Seriously. what jerk grabs a crazy girl in the middke of the rain and kisses her??? asdfghjkl! Gotta watch it again for the 4th time!!!
#5 이민호! Hes got to be everyones top 10... AT LEAST!! Super popular, Super Cute!!! Look at those dimples!!!!!! Anyway... most of you had probably first ran into him during Boys Over Flowers, am I right?? well, i first met him in City Hunter! God he was adorable... "KIM NANA!!!!" Ive seen many of his new films! havent seen his newer ons though... have any of you noticed that his hollywood house in heirs was the same house that was shot in Taken 3?? at least... im pretty fricken sur it was! how awesome is that???
#6 긴우빈! Again... another deseases of second male syndrome.., dont you hate it!!!! And so the lion fell in love with the lamb <3 As you probably guessed already, I fell in love with this man from Heirs! it was love at first bully <3 I could remake this show a million times, just so park shinhye would fall in love with him instead...
Any way, thats all of my Bias!! I challange you all to post your own Bias lists!!! Im really excited to see who you all love!! READY AND BEGIN!!!! ^^ @poojas
That gif of Kim Hyun Joong is to cute not to make me smile because I fell in love with him when I watched my first kdrama he was in called Playful Kiss. Oh yea I agree that Lee Min Ho is probably in everyone's Top 10. He's in mine because he's so adorable and I love his dimples!
@biancadanica98 Right?? they're both SUPER adorable!!! <3 <3 <3