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Fan girls to the start line... READY?! SET! GOO! Please remember to breathe while looking at TOP oppa's Instagram update~ >
Look at that smolder...he could give Flynn Rider a run for his money 3 *heart eyes*
TOP oppa you are too much for me. My fan girl heart has been over loaded~ Thank you for your dedication and smile. TOP fighting! BigBang fighting! Saranghae~~
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@tayunnie lol 90% of his spam are artistic(?) type photo then every once in awhile he'll be like "ahh I look especially sexy today; might as well share this beauty with VIPs" ><
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@natmarie sorry if I came off as sarcastic it's really fun looking at all of the art he posts and what type of art he likes and enjoys but his selfies are definitely the highlight >~< ♡♡
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@tayunnie no worries! It's the same for me, I really love them. They are very unique and cool (*☻-☻*) Sorry if I was misunderstood (._.)
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@natmarie oh no no no it wasn't what you said I just wanted to clarify because I realized I could have come off as sarcastic
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@tayunnie ahh okay, then it's all good~~ ^.^
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