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Cute, trendy, and they will match that extra adorable swimsuit you just bought for the beach!
They supplies you will need: •base coat and top coat {I used L.A Girl} • the color of nail polish {Sunkissed by Jamberry} • tape { I used duck tape} • nail polish remover and q-tips And some naked nails!
First I applied my 2-in-1 base/top coat and then I cut pieces of tape about an inch long to fit across my nails and wrap around my fingers a little bit. I placed them at an angle from corner to corner of my nails. You can also see that I plan on doing an accent nail on my ring finger.
Next, I literally jus painted over the edge of the tape and on my uncovered nail then immediately took the tape off. After doing this to all of my nails, I put another layer of my 2-in-1 base/top coat and viola! Beautiful nails!