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This what us VIPS tell our haters.
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@amobigbang yea I was never really into American music yes there are some good songs yet the mainstream ones are all about being catchy but they end up being repetitive and its really hard to find meaningful songs in kpop yes there are some songs that are also meaningless and there only fr the rhythm but I feel as if overall kpop is much better artistically and visually ♡♡
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Yeah all I hear in hip hop is ppl eating you know what like groceries and bragging about sleeping with so many girls. I agree @tayunnie kpop overall is better. however, have you noticed GD trying to be slick and sneak in curse words? he had me rolling!😂😂. in that one song let's talk about love with RI panda. he kept sneaking in that b word. I love gd. lol
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@amobigbang but it's classy!!! in American pop its just rolling out everywhere so crudely
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Yeah u r right @tayunnie. I just thought it was cute.
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@amobigbang I know how you feel >~<
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