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T.O.P Boom Bang 💣

This how I feel when I listen to Big Bang and hear GD and TOP's voice. I swear I get pregnant with imaginary music babies from these men. WHICH MEMEBER OF BIG BANG GIVE YOU THAT SAME FEELING? COMMENT BELOW.
TOP has that sexy voice that just cannot not give you sexy vibes I personally really like Daesungs and GD's voice too but no one can reach those sexy deep vibes that TOP does
@amobigbang haha yeah they both are just amazing.
TOP He's just amazing~ *sigh
I love T.O.P and GD, so I guess twins? ^^
Lol @SavannaSiefas...I guess so. Yass I agree TOP is amazing @justmeplz1998.. he has that sexy deep voice
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