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T.O.P Boom Bang 💣
This how I feel when I listen to Big Bang and hear GD and TOP's voice. I swear I get pregnant with imaginary music babies from these men. WHICH MEMEBER OF BIG BANG GIVE YOU THAT SAME FEELING? COMMENT BELOW.
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I love T.O.P and GD, so I guess twins? ^^
2 years ago·Reply
TOP He's just amazing~ *sigh
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Lol @SavannaSiefas...I guess so. Yass I agree TOP is amazing @justmeplz1998.. he has that sexy deep voice
2 years ago·Reply
TOP has that sexy voice that just cannot not give you sexy vibes I personally really like Daesungs and GD's voice too but no one can reach those sexy deep vibes that TOP does
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@amobigbang haha yeah they both are just amazing.
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