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I'm the kind of person that can fall into never ending spirals of Youtube videos. I used to play a game when the weather was really bad where you'd try to get from a video about one thing (The Beatles) to something totally different (vacation in Hawaii) just by clicking videos in the sidebar.

Today, I found compilations of people laughing. And can't stop laughing, or watching, or laughing.

So I thought that like the people laughing on the subway above, I would spread the laughter around here :)
The first and the last one....excuse me while I try to hold in this laughter I can't stop laughing...
Full disclosure: the 5th one here (boomerang excerpt) was a comedy sketch, not just someone laughing, but all the others are legit!
I feel for this guy. Because I'm 5 and also laugh at words like pussy, but only when in a situation where I totally shouldn't. I don't think it's funny, but then in a serious moment someone says it and I just lose it.

Happy Friday, everyone!

One time I was in Central Park with friend and this guy just came up to us and asked if we wanted to be a part of improv-type video. He recruited random people around the park, and everyone would start laughing at 1:11, walk around laughing and laughing and then leave. He got a good group to do it, well all started laughing at exactly 1:11, at first it was like a fake laugh, but the more people started laughing, the more I COULDNT STOP. Never found the video though...
Omg, you know which laughing videos KILL me? Any one where Anderson Cooper loses it on the air. It's so funny. His giggle is so fascinating.
@danidee hahahaha yes!!!! I'm such a sucker for laughing at like anyone who laughs, though.