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Why not try to recreate the Jurassic World trailer using only stuff you can pretty much find laying around your apartment?
I'd seen Hozzah's videos before (she's kind of famous among Korean youtubers), but I was surprised when she popped up on Mashable! More surprising than that though is the fact that Mashable left out the fact that the Korean subtitles she put on the left parody video aren't all translation. I guess no Korean speaker got to it yet!
So, let me share what I can:
- The opening "credits" scene is actually a cipher--if you type the characters on a Korean keyboard, you get something like this: "The toys were soooo expensive. I had to do so much editing that I shit myself. If this doesn't get more than 40,000 likes, I'm gonna die."
- Later on, some of the subtitles say things like "buy me a hot or iced Americano" around the time when she starts carrying the Starbucks.
-Also, "that girl is really my style" and "you have to eat Spicy Fried Pork heartily" at totally (obviously) that's not what they're saying times.
Either way, it's hilarious without the subtitles, too. I just like what they add!! Enjoy!
that was hilarious
I just laughed out loud at the library. It's the girl squatting around and acting like a dinosaur. She KILLED it.