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Ok so as a kpop fan and a language enthusiast I have to learn how to speak Korean. I mean, how else am I going to converse with my mother in law?
My first tip. Learn the korean alphabet. It is nearly impossible to learn a language without first learning the proper pronunciation. I actually found it very hard to teach myself hangul. I suggest having a native Korean teach you the rules and pronunciation of the alphabet. Trust me, as soon as you get the alphabet and rules it all becomes soooo much easier.
Confused yet?
As soon as you get the hang of reading hangul look up music videos that have hangul, the pronunciation, and the translation. Sing along and practice.
Watch lots of dramas to get yourself used to and more comfortable with the language. It will also help you understand and practice some words or phrases.
Follow these steps and and dedicate yourself. Be sure you don't look like our buddy Jackson. *** Is anyone in the process of learning Korean? How are you managing it?
@zellie15 u should try chinese. i think u will say that chinese is more harder than korean. lol I dont think korean is the hardest. Im actually chinese tho..
I've learned to read, and its become so much easier than Japanese, which I learned in school. now I'm just learning online
@zellie15 i totally agree.
after learning the alphabet it kind of a breeze, just the only thing I have trouble with is sentence structure @JackieMurrayCab
I'm learning Korean as well. No easy task. But yes, I agree...mastering the alphabet and learning to read it are super important.
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