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I'm not excited, you're excited!!!!
(but really, I'm EXCITED!)
This teaser trailer dropped at ComicCon and was posted up and I can't stop analyzing it!!!! People who haven't read the books keep complaining in the comments on YT about how "awkward" Katniss looks and how it's weird they're all wearing white like the Peacekeepers and I just want to scream DUH but I also don't want to spoil anyone's experience so....ajsdfk;jk!!
Book readers...I hope this pumps you up for the movie like it does for me!! Just a few more months!! Time to start another re-read, I guess.

@shannonl5 Right?! I keep wanting to watch the whole thing but the last part isn't out yet an dughhhhh
@timeturnerjones waiting is totally killing me! One of my coworkers hasn't finished the book yet and I keep catching myself almost spoiling it for him T_T
EEEEEEE oh my goodness yes! This is exactly like the [spoiler redacted] from the books this makes so much sense!!! I'm definitely excited. Ugh why isn't it here already?!