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The Vingle Kpop Community in collaboration with Vingle is giving away... *drumroll please* Two pairs of tickets to see BIG BANG this October! - Two tickets to Anaheim (Honda Center, October 4) - Two tickets to New York (Prudential Center, October 10) This event will run from July 7 - July 31 Winners will be announced August 1! So here's how to get them: Step 1: Share this post on FB or Twitter Step 2: Join and Contribute to the Vingle K-pop community! Download the Vingle app and Join Kpop Community here ---> (Contribution is measured by V Points which are explained below) How the winners are chosen: * 2 of the top 20 members with the most V Points this month will be selected as the winners - You can see V Points ranking in the "Members" section in K-pop (you can find that here --> - Winners are chosen from the "Rising Members" section * V Points are awarded for: - Getting a like or clip on your post. - Getting followers on your collections. - Liking or clipping other members' card. - Getting likes on your comment.y Be sure to check out the K-pop Community Guidelines! and LETS GO SEE BIG BANG