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what... is this pose...? nap time, anyone? LOL
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@ErinGregory i think my legs would be too short to not just completely plop down and start my own little nap time haha
@ephney lmfao I hear you there!! He has legs for days, and I'm sitting here like.. sometimes I'll sit in a deep couch and my feet don't touch the ground.. screw it, I'll just curl up and nap a bit. 馃槳馃槳
@ErinGregory i bet he doesn't even know the concept of feet not being able to reach the ground omg his legs are probably the length of me
@ephneyt I'm a pretty average height but I agree lmao I wonder how tall he is, the more I look at this photo the more short I feel lmao someone needs to get him a super big armchair so he can sit and have his feet dangle. The short revenge plan.. would look adorable.. xD
@ErinGregory oh my god i would love to see his feet swinging from not touching the ground like a little kid..! his most recent profile had somewhere around 187-188cm i think~