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did anyone realize this? i felt like an idiot when i saw this picture haha wae didnt i notice!? is more of how i felt XD
Hahaha you guys are cute. I realized it right away. I knew it since coupdatat. i thought it was pretty clever
@saphirepanda That's so cool! Have u taken a picture of it and tagged him in it? I plan on doing that when I get the touch up done of mine(:
I had... No idea and now I hate myself
@saphirepanda D: sad day! I would of still tagged him and say that we must of thought of the same idea(: If people judge you for it, then they are stupid for it! Take pride in your tattoo that the fabulous GD has too<3 Just like he does! 馃挏馃挏馃挏馃挏
@MissCandyFreak i did take a picture of it but i didnt tag him in it cuz i feel like hed think its weird we have the same tat and be all like i copied him or something thats why i dont tell many people who dont know me that i have it because i dont want people who dont know me and know when i got it done to think i copied him
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