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I encountered some frustrations while attempting to sew these pleats....
I made full 2 inch pleats but it still flares out so much at the bottom? I think once I add a waistband it might not be as bad...I also could possibly sew down each pleat 2 inches or so to keep them flat. It also doesn't look as bad in the mirror as the photo makes it seem, but I still don't like how much the pleats open at the bottom <____<
After posting that on my Facebook, some lovely people helped me with some advice on how to improve the pleats...
~enjoy some sparkles to cover my even messier room~ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
SO. after learning about the 2-3-2/sparklepipsi method of pleating, I seam ripped my skirt and started over! I really really hate sewing pleated skirts, and this is only my second *FINISHED* pleated skirt ever. I think it's a ton better than before, but still pretty meh. Hard to tell, but the waistband is too big. But it was exciting to sew this almost exclusively on my Babylock and Ruby (dumb invisible zipper on my talent)!
Now I'm off to pack for NYC for a couple days! I'm going up to look at colleges and will *hopefully* be able to stop at the fashion/fabric? district!
don't worry they look great! I love pleats
@shannonl5 Yay! Glad it helped. It really helped me, too
Thank you so much @Angelipon that is really helpful!
What's the 2-3-2 method?
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