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I was picked to model for BABY the Stars Shine Bright at Anime Midwest this past weekend. I had modeled for for them once before at Otakon 2011, but this time felt so much more special!
I've grown so much as a lolita since then, and I truly love BTSSB as my favorite brand. What made this even more special is that I was chosen to wear a dress Kumiko Uehara, who was a guest, designed herself! And I got to be the final model in the show!
Lolita makes me feel like I'm being who I really am inside, and it turns what feels like a dream into really. I'm so happy that through lolita so many of my other dreams have come true!
Thank you to Milkpink for the photos!
So pretty @.@ goals right here goals!!!!
So pretty! Thanks for sharing a bit about your history doing this to. I don't know as much about Lolita culture as I'd like to. It sounds really cool!