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Kim Hyun Joong, who focused on his career in Japan this year, releasing his Japanese debut single 'Lucky Guy' in January, achieved some significant achievements. Kim Hyun Joong held 'Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting Tour 2012', and met up with fans at 8 different cities in 5 countries. Furthermore, his second Japanese single, 'HEAT', topped in Oricon Daily Chart and Weekly Chart, and in Oricon Monthly Chart, he was ranked 3rd, which is the highest rank that any foreign singer has ever got in Japan. He sold 202,672 copies in total, and he was ranked 31st in Oricon Annual Ranking Single TOP 100, which is also the highest ranking that any K-POP singer has ever got. He also appeared on a popular Chinese TV show, making a huge contribution to getting a high program rate, and he also won a number of awards at 'MIGUHUI AWARDS'. An official from Japan said, "Kim Hyun Joong is a professional who always puts efforts to achieve both musical quality, popular appeal, and his own style. Kim Hyun Joong fully showed his limitless potential, and we are paying much closer attention to his future." On the other hand, Kim Hyun Joong will be having a fan meeting tour in Japan in January, and visit 10 different cities, sincluding Kobe, Saitama, Nagoya, and Fukuoka.
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