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nam tae-hyun and his many faces haha
I love how dorky and close a lot of the idols appear to be with one another! Then I get jealous cause I don't have a friend like that hahahaha!!
luckily i have a friend just like him, i would be taehyun hahaha! but i love that too, they seem so comfortable with one another. ❤💕
@ValeVargas oh you are lucky! My closest friends are all online and live a good distance away 😢 But then I'm such an introvert, it's hard to get me out of the house to do things. Maybe once I get a job I'll be better at doing stuff with people lmao!!
oh that sucks, hopefully you can find one close by, my best friend works with me at my job, im an introvert too but i think i have changed a little since working there. but there's always time to find your mino hahaha! people skills are difficult 😂😂