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That XX! I love this song! 😻😍 And I almost accidentally added a bunch of goats emoticons lmao
i love that song too! haha that would've been tragic, goat attack πŸ˜‚
@ValeVargas lmfao! I went to put in a heart, then realized I used the wrong punctuation so went to where the correct one would be without leaving the emoticon screen.. and kept hitting the damn goat emoticon. I couldn't stop myself! I could just stare in horror like, noooooo! Lmfao I need more coffee.. And that's one of my favorite go to songs when I'm feeling down or like love sucks hahahaha
oh no haha! i would've been so confused with the goats but then just let it slide hahaha! i do the same thing when im pressing those emojis, i love that song too but i always go for the song lies